A community based non for profit / non registered group established to provide support for the needs of those in Childhood Cancer and those working to defeat it. The Miracle Marnie Foundation is dedicated to providing  funds directly into programs and research facilities that aid families and children to fight this terrible disease. Research funding is essential which enables Canada's top Oncology and Haemotology Doctors to do their research without the restrictions placed upon them by lack of money. Currently only 4% of Federal Funding from the Government of Canada is directed to Childhood Cancer Research. We want to change that by providing a forum here whereby everyday people, corporations and organizations can contribute to supporting the programs/researchers that the Miracle Marnie Foundation has identified and is working with. 

Two programs at the Hospital of Sick Children in Toronto and specifically in the lab of Dr Annie Huang have been chosen for this fund raising initiative. These programs will cost $75,000 each or $150,000 per year to fully develop and run.

The first program is the Rare Brain Tumour Data Bank (http://www.rarebraintumorconsortium.ca/)
which. This data bank will aid Doctors and Researchers who are desperatley fighting to find a cure for the infant ETANTR/ETMR Tumours in providing them with the tools they need to move forward in research and diagnosis. 

The second program is the development of new spinal and brain fluid annalysis tool which would aid in identifying where a child is in their cancer walk from treatment to treatment. This identification tool would aid the medical world in treating babies by being able to pin point with incredible accuracy if tumour is present or not every step of the way through treatment. This could save the child from having to get further treatment  if the tool reveals no tumour exists. 

Please join us in our fund raising endeavor and help make a difference in Childhood Cancer.  etransfers are accepted at miraclemarnie@gmail.com!

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