We are excited to support Dr Annie Huang from The Hospital for Sick Children  and her research team who are activley involved in the research of ETANTR and ETMR Tumours across the globe. The creation of the Rare Brain Tumour Consortium is key to acquiring data and samples on these rare tumours that will provide researchers with more data to aid in them in their work. Recently we donated $25,000 to Dr Huang and her research team along with another $25,000 which was matched by the Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation. 
The Stojdl lab at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario is interested in using biology to fight biology. Their approach has been directed at developing programmable replicating viruses called “oncolytic viruses” to directly target and kill tumour cells as well as manipulate the tumour microenvironment to further kill primary and metastatic cancer cells. We recently donated $10,000 to help fund the Farmington Virus research on rare pediatric brain tumours. Imagine a cancer killing agent with no chemotherapy or radiation side effects on the childs body!