The story of God and Marnie traveling through childhood cancer has resonated with many people since our diagnosis and first post in July 2016. In the end, every one of us laid witness to this most amazing love story between a Heavenly Father and his daughter as she journeyed through a Brain Tumour diagnosis. We witnessed the most incredible highs and the very deepest of lows together and claimed in the end that Marnie was tumour free because of His amazing grace.

This story is God’s story and we felt it needed to be shared with not only you, our friends, family and prayer warriors on Miracle Marnie, but also to anyone who wishes to read about an amazing loving God who walked hand in hand with our Marnie. This story, we pray, will inspire Hope in those who will come into contact with childhood cancer, Peace for those who already journey in it and Encouragement for those who struggle with the question if God is even listening at all?

The E-book and paperback are available for purchase online at Indigo/Chapters, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. I will also be in procession of several copies if you are local to us here in Ottawa.

All funds raised will go to support the Foundation and our programs.
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